John & Regina

After a little online research for family-friendly, inclusive congregations, St. Mark's became the first church on our list to visit following our move from Minnesota in 2015. Upon the first visit, we were so engaged and welcomed that we didn't feel any need to keep searching!

St. Mark's honors tradition while making room for modern expressions of faith; we appreciate the blend of music. Our children, ages 8 and 2, both look forward to seeing their Church School teachers and friends each Sunday. St. Mark's makes a concerted effort to make programming and ministry opportunities accessible to all, supporting families like ours to make spiritual formation a priority in spite of hectic schedules.


My journey with Christ began when I was 7 years old, attending Second Baptist Church here in Erie with my Mother. Faith was a intricate part of our lives while growing up. Being the oldest of five children, I led the charge. When I turned 13 I began to explore other denominations, attending Seventh Day Adventist with my friends on Saturday, Monday thru Friday being taught at St James Catholic School. On Sunday‚Äôs I stayed focused on the Baptist teachings with my Mother. One evening after attending a revival with friends, it all came to a halt! My Mother sat me down and encouraged me to make a choice; what did I want to make my own? I decided to continue with the Baptist teachings. 

Fast forward married and then divorced raising two children and two grandsons, I realized there was still a void in my life. I was in search of a church home where my future husband, Gerry and I would feel welcomed. 

Then a very good friend invited me to St. Mark's. On the first Sunday I decided to visit I approached the doors of the church and was immediately welcomed by two sincere smiling faces. As I continued inside it was a constant flow of warmth and smiling faces.  

On any given Sunday you may see me with Gerry, my stepdaughter Emily, grandsons or a friend or two. The journey has ended Christ has navigated me to my new church home! 


Stephen & Sara

We love that everyone is welcome at St. Mark's. And it's not just that everyone is welcome, or that everyone is welcome but there are really only a few types of people here and we'd have to make room for you. There is space for everyone at St. Mark's, and that space is easy to find.