Community Partnerships

St. Mark’s, together with the Cathedral of St. Paul is committed to working with local organizations to advocate for systemic change within the city of Erie. We are actively building coalitions, developing relationships with other advocacy groups, and working with local government officials.

By listening to our community partners and other organizations in the city, we seek to meet needs in Erie – whether we are partnering to hold events, assisting with fundraisers, administering aid, we strive to support the mission of the community and the kingdom of God.

We are proud to partner with SafeNet, Erie Pride, Benedictines for Peace and Our West Bayfront.

Work with New Americans Continues

Did you know that Erie Episcopal volunteers each week with both Catholic Charities resettlement programs and USCRI in Erie. Volunteers help with donations; help settle apartments and more. Additionally, Erie Episcopal volunteers assist with the English as a second language classes by being conversation partners. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Mary Ann Ramey.