St. Mark’s and the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Paul have recently formed two community partnership working groups that include members of both congregations.

The outreach group is committed to providing donations, volunteers and resources to organizations in Erie and beyond. This group oversees our ongoing work with existing St. Mark’s partnerships, such as the Charter School of Excellence, and will discern potential new partnerships and ways to help those in need.

Happening now: donate to the Homelessness Ministry partnership

If you have questions about the work of these groups or would like to get involved, contact Carly Rowe.

The Charter School of Excellence

The Charter School of Excellence provides a variety of educational opportunities that foster academic excellence through partnerships with families, community and school. It is a non-traditional approach to learning with small class sizes, cutting edge curriculum, and a support system aimed at addressing barriers to learning. St. Mark’s has partnered with the Charter School to provide weekend snack bags twice a month. Bags are packed and distributed by volunteers from both congregations. St. Mark’s and the Cathedral of St. Paul also helps stock the personal hygiene pantry in the school. Volunteers are needed to pick up food from Second Harvest Food Bank, pack bags, and distribute the food. You can also help by purchasing personal hygiene items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, body wash and feminine products. Items can be brought to St. Mark’s at any time. You can also help us collect coupons. If you don’t use your coupons from the Sunday paper, bring them us and we will put them to good use buying items for the school.